Smart Magnets To Order Food From Home

Are you ready to revolutionize your delivery service?
SQRdelivery completely changes the way your customers
order food from home.

Say Goodbye to App’s

You don’t need an app to use SQRmenu. This provides your
customers with a simplistic, yet innovative experience.

How do businesses like yours benefit?
  • Eliminate expensive printing! By using SQRmenu, you will have no more need for physical menus or promotions!
  • Create digital advertising and promotions on-demand, right from the cloud for immediate implementation!
  • Edit your menu and promotions effortlessly from the cloud!
How do businesses like yours benefit?
  • No app needed! Just tap or scan the QR code to view a fully interactive menu right from a mobile device!
  • Significantly reduced wait times!
  • Language barriers are eliminated which should entice a larger segment of customers to visit your venue!
SQRDelivery Smart Magnets

Smart Magnets are designed to blend in with the rest of your kitchen. Stick it to the fridge, and your customers will always have access to your services any time they’re home. A quick tap or scan will allow your customers to access your fully interactive menu and place their order.

With SQRdelivery, your customers can order directly from the cloud. Delivery has never been this easy!

SQRDelivery Features
Edit & Promote
Your Product

You can make adjustments to your menu anytime, anywhere, without any extra cost. You also have easy access to purchase history, top-selling products, and statistics.

Our interactive digital menu doesn't just improve the customer experience. It also makes it easy for business owners to make updates.

Choose Your Product

Choose from a range of available packages the one
that meets your requirements the most

Medium Kit

Language Selection

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Full Kit

Place Orders

Guest Special instructions

Request a Bill

Guest Feedback

Statistics – level A

Mobile Order

Order Management Screen

Pro Kit

Pre order

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What You are Getting

A glance of software and hardware which are included in our
digital menu package


Digital menu with unique order features for restaurants and outlets.


QR codes attached to “Smart Magnets” will allow your customers to order from your delivery service immediately.


Digital menu with unique order features for restaurants and outlets


An intuitive interface that allows business owners to make quick and easy edits.

Ask Us a Question?

We provide a complete setup of a system that can be used on a tablet or fully functioning call center office

Yes, you can create coupons, specials offers, and discounts for your customers to offer them better deals and better customer experiences.

You will completely own our system with complete control over everything, be it your marketing function, content, or clients. We just link end-users with your venue and provide complete ordering and marketing platform of your own.

We believe in quick deliveries and starting with the works as soon as possible. So, as soon as you provide us with the content, we shall be up and running within one working day after that.

No, you will never face any limitations whatsoever with our systems

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