SQRscan – The Future of Hospitality

SQRscan is a family of cloud-based
services designed to boost your
bottom line by digitizing your
business, one service at a time
Today's consumers demand speed, efficiency, and convenience.
Give it to them through the innovation of QR & cloud technology.

SQRscan is the next evolutionary step for businesses in the service and hospitality
industries. By offering services based in the cloud, you can reduce wait times, boost
customer loyalty, cut down on business costs and much more!

SQR Solutions



Digitize your restaurant menu, so your customers can see what you have to offer in their language of choice. They save on convenience. You save on printing costs!



At home deliveries have never been this easy. With a simple scan, your customers can access your fully interactive delivery menu!



Reward your customers for their repeat business with a convenient, cloud-based loyalty program.



Transfer your business card electronically to conveniently build business relationships!

How does it work?

Once your services are up and running in the cloud, we’ll provide you with a corresponding QR code. With a quick tap or scan of the code with a smartphone, your customers can enjoy fully interactive menus, delivery options, customer loyalty perks and additional services right in the palm of their hands!

The best part? Our service doesn’t require an app! All that’s needed is a quick scan or tap from a smart device and you’re ready to go!

Are you ready to digitize your business to provide
a streamlined experience for your customers?

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